What is Order Taker?

Order Taker is your commission free online ordering for Restaurants and Takeaways powered by BCB TechCenter. Visit our website here to learn more!

How do I sign up for Order Taker?

You can Sign-up free here or by clicking on the page that says For Restaurants, then, click on the button that says sign-up free.

I have an online ordering already; do I need Order Taker and if I do, how else can I use Order Taker?

Order Taker is very adaptive and can still be used along other systems. Order Taker is a better solution in the sense of its low cost, commission free and its omni-channel’s ability that is, you can take order through social media, your business Google Profile and a QR code we will offer you free. We will guide you through this.

Will I get support to set up on Order Taker?

Order Taker is a self-service and very easy to set-up. Every step during the set-up is laid-out well and easy to understand and will set up automatically however, all through the onboarding process, we are there to support you until you are up and running.  There is also access to resources on the restaurant partner login account that will guide and direct you on what is required at each stage.

How do customers place Order?

Customers can easily place order through all the channels you use, like Facebook page, Website, Google Business Profile etc. For faster ordering, customers do not need to download any app, all they need is your link to simply place an order for either pick-up or delivery.

How do I receive Order?

You will receive order notification once a customer places an order through your tablet, phone or any other device you may wish to use. There is no limit to the number of devices you can receive orders on. This is a good way to monitor the order you receive each day to make sure your restaurant managers are confirming orders in real time.

How much does Order Taker cost?

For now we are offering Order Taker free for Restaurants and Takeaways to try it completely free. The standard monthly pricing for Order Taker is £6.99 equivalent to any country currency, billed two monthly.

Do I need a Website to use Order Taker?

You do not really need a website to use Order Taker. Order Taker can easily integrate/apply into all your social media and existing website, where customers can place order easily. If you do not have a website and will like to have one message us here

How long does it take to set-up?

Setting up on Order Taker is Instantaneous that means, your account will be set-up within minutes.

Are there any cancellation fees?

There are no charges to cancel and you are not in any term of contracts.

How long does it take to cancel?

It will be nice to give us 30 days’ notice should you wish to cancel. This will allow us time to settle things and close your account.

I have multiple locations with different names, can I still set-up all locations with Order Taker?

Yes, Order Taker can be used to set up multiple Restaurant locations with both different Restaurant name and same Restaurant name.

Which Country is Order Taker Supported?

We are UK based; however, Order Taker can be used from any part of the world. We strongly welcome African Restaurant Partners.

I have a question that is not answered here.

Please message us here and someone will respond to your questions promptly